The 4 “M”s of Marketing

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In marketing you hear a lot about the 3 “M”s, the Market/Message/Media match but there really are 4 “M”s. The missing M is ME.

It’s absolutely important to match your market to your message to the media you use for your promotion but it is equally important for the market and the message to match you as well.

How you interact with your market and what you bring to your market is just as important as defining the market itself. For example, if you are someone who has traditionally worked with large organisations and then you try to work with 1-2 sized businesses you are likely going to feel things are a little odd for you.

The language and style you have adopted for working with large organisations does not translate well to working with really small businesses so you either have to change your language patterns or you need to change your market.

Also someone who has generally worked with large organisations for a long time will think in a manner consistent for a large organisation. The needs and wants of a large organisation are very different to those of a very small organisation. It is easier for someone moving out of large organisations to target medium sized businesses or larger small businesses (e.g from 15-50 sized businesses).

When only thinking of the Market, Message and Media in isolation of your own situation you run the risk of identifying a viable market that will feel uncomfortable and you will not be able to service it anyway. Just because it is viable and profitable doesn’t mean you are the best person to service that market.

Consider what you bring to the table. What are your strengths and weaknesses? This includes in how you talk to your market, how you create your message and what media you choose to deliver your message. Your language and experiences will colour the dialogue between you and your chosen market. Pick a market that aligns with your experiences and one that you can speak the language otherwise you are going to be learning a new language….the language of your new market!

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