Baking a Cake is like Running a Business

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Have you ever made a cake or cook something that didn’t turn out quite right the first time you tried the recipe?

You thought you followed the recipe exactly and you got everything and it still didn’t work…Did you give up or did you try to make the cake again? Most of us try again…so why do we give up using a new business recipe (or system) after the first go at using it?

The first time you try any recipe is likely you read through the recipe several times before you start. You check and measure everything as you make the cake to make sure you got everything right (but who ever gets it right the first time!). Then you put the cake in the oven to bake.

It’s really exciting waiting for the cake to bake…wondering what it will look like and how it will taste. Did I do a good job? Will my family like the cake? Will it taste right?

You open the oven only to find that the cake really doesn’t live up to everything you imagined in your mind. How many of us find that things don’t quite work out the way we wanted them to the first time?

But you try again and the next time you have that little bit more experience and it’s a little easier (and quicker) to make the cake this time. Each time you use the recipe it becomes easier to cook and the cake looks better.

Well following a process or systems in business is pretty much like baking a cake. It’s not likely that we are going to get how to use the business recipe, or system, the first time. We need to practice baking our cake…

   In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world, all rests on perseverance.

Also, A lot of us when we are giving a new system or process to our business to follow, we try once and it doesn’t work for us the way we think it’s going to. Then we actually push it aside and say that didn’t work for me so that’s not right for my business.

But the thing is when we try something the first few times it’s going to feel like things aren’t working the way it’s supposed to. It’s not a problem with the process or the system. The problem is you don’t know the recipe itself. When we actually make something in the kitchen we go after them and try many times before we throw it out and say we can’t do it.

   Why don’t we do that in business?

Why do we try something once and say it doesn’t work and then move on to try to find something new. It wastes effort and actually takes longer and harder to do that than continuing to use the first system.

Once you have done it for a few times you can start to adapt the system to more align with you how you do business, just like you can adapt recipes in your kitchen to match your taste.

So next time you introduce a new system or process it on your business make sure you try it out for 4-5 times first before you decide it doesn’t work for you and your business. It might be your inexperience with the system causing the challenges, not the process or system itself.

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