What is a System?

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So what do we mean when we talk about systemising your business and what are systems? System, in one sentence is:

repeatable series of steps that result in a predictable and consistent outcome


   Expanding on “what is a System”…

First of all a system has to be a process that involves STEPS. For example, it can be a step-by-step instruction on how to make a cup of coffee. We also want it to be REPEATABLE so others can follow the steps.

Now here is the trick. It is obvious that simply writing repeatable step instructions isn’t sufficient in systemising a business; as the person who follows the steps might think and act differently with the person who wrote it. That’s is why a system must deliver PREDICTABLE and CONSISTENT outcome. In other words, regardless of who uses the system, a system should deliver the same result or the expected result from the owner. This also means that a system can be tested and modified when it doesn’t match the definition.


   Create a Business, Not a Job

So what does it mean to systemise? Let’s hear the story of Jannie. Jannie runs a local hairdresser place. She waits for customers to come in on a daily basis and has earned her reputation around the area so she is capable of continuing the business. However she is very busy and feels she has little control over the business. This is before Jannie systemised her business.

After she does, she has an appointment system allowing her customers to book in for haircuts or hair treatments, she can now predict her income and engage with her customers more through the booking system including upselling her services and receiving feedbacks. She is also able to foresee the expense on supplies and the amount required.

Another advantage for Jannie is that she can now pass over some of her tasks to her staff and know that they will be done the same way as she would. This is the power of leverage… this is the power of systems.

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